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Yahoo mail Sign Up, Yahoo mail login – You have landed on this page because you searched for Yahoomail.com signup and login. In this article, we will be taking about how to sign up, sign in and log in yahoo mail. you can as well read a detailed view about www.yahoomail.com in techliet.

Opening a yahoomail account is very easy and does not take time and money,

All the Nigerian, American or even UK Internet Cyber Cafes have also made the access very easy because everybody can open now a Yahoo Mail and Sign In at will.

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One of the most interesting thing about  www.yahoomail.com is that you can have as many email accounts for you, your business and service as you will BUT it is advisable to have just an email account so as to keep tab of all relevant information in one single mail.

A reminder also notes that http://yahoomail.comis the main login page for Yahoo Inc. and as such, this will mean you already having an email address with Yahoo.com.

The steps for setting up a yahoo mail account is as easy as ABC.

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How to set up your own YahooMail Account

STEP 1: To create an email account with yahoo, you must Firstly, you have to visit yahoo website: click here www.yahoo.com

STEP 2:  At the Top-Right corner of the page, click the Sign (New here? Sign Up) yahoomail – Click Sign Up

STEP 3: When the Yahoo Registration window opens and you are to fill in every relevant detail as required.

The information required are: Name, Sex, Age, Country, Desired username, password, security question.

STEP 4: Once your selected email address is approved, you’ll be welcomed officially to Yahoo with two mails showing you the way round.

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Yahoo Mail Login

yahoomail login

To Sign in into your yahoo email address, all you have to do is to:

STEP 1: Visit yahoo.com or click here: https://yahoomail.com and click Sign in or you could visit https://www.yahoomail.com where you’ll be taken to a page to impute your Email Address and Password.

STEP 2: Once the two information provided is correct, you’ll be redirected straightly to your mailbox where you can create, sent, daft your mails just like text messages and have as much fun as you wish.

How to delete your Yahoo mail Account

If you do have the intention of deactivating, deleting or canceling your yahoomail hosting account for any reason, it is of great importance for you to know that as soon as you deactivate your yahoomail account, all your saved documents, files and email messages within your draft, inbox and sent mails will no longer be accessed. Hence be sure that you really want to close or shut down the account.

To deactivate or Terminating www.yahoomail.com Account

To delete your yahoomail.com email account, log on to https://edit.yahoomail.com/config/delete user then key in your password and click the “terminate this account” button. or better still read up the tutorial guide here

A period of ninety days (90 days) will be given to you to actually decide and to transfer out your existing data. www.yahoomail.com will deletes all information and sites linked to your yahoo mail account. It is best advised that you use a laptop or desktop computer when carrying out this email deactivation.


How to Keep your Email Address Safe

  1. Never tell or disclose your password to any other person(s).
  2. Log into your mailbox from a secured computer.
  3. Yahoo will never ask you for your email address and password so ignore any mail asking you for your email address and password
  4. Discard Spam messages notifying you
  5. Always Change your yahoomail password (I change mine every 3months)
  6. Reset your password whenever you notice any malicious/unauthorized activities on your email address.
  7. Read carefully Third Party apps you engage your email address.

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1: It helps you recover your password when you lose it

2: it guarantees safety of account while trying to reset a forgotten password

3: it help your mail service provider to be sure you’re the one trying to access the changes in your account.

NB: Do Use your email Address wisely and guard your Password well.  Anybody that has access to both information could control your mailbox and send spam messages to your contact list or for other illegal activities

History and Overview of www.Yahoomail.com Development

Yahoo mail has graduated in its development from the ajax version interface which has a drag and drop, improve search, keyboard shortcut, auto completion and tab column widget. The 2010 version which was tagged “beta version”. The beta version of yahoomail.com has in its search, Facebook and Google integration. Yahoo beta interface was later made the default interface for Yahoo mail.

yahoomail.com current interface was introduced 2012. The latest Yahoo Mail design is clean, intuitive, attractive, and pleasing. With a simplified rail, and just 11 buttons, compared with the dozens of folders and “apps” that used to appear in the former design.

It’s also cleaner than that of Gmail’s, which is a bit of a mess of folders and chat contacts that unexpectedly appear when you hover the mouse at certain spots in your box. When you tap the folder icon in Yahoo, your sub folders slide out in a logical, expected, and intuitive way. Whether you’re accessing Yahoo Mail from your desktop or mobile device, the service will now have a consistent look and feel across platforms. Just as simple as Skype interface

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The layout was magnificent and had made yahoomail.com rank high among other webmails available. With the unlimited storage capacity, yahoo mail is your sure bet when it comes to free E-mail service. Yahoomail had issues with logging in in 2013, subscribers had difficulty login in to their “mail box”.

But that did not deter its clients, as yahoomail.com even waxed stronger, becoming the king and web leader when it comes to free/paid webmail subscriber based. Free version of yahoomail.com account comes with 1 terabyte email storage capacity and a 25 MB maximum email attachment capacity. But you still have access to improve the amount of email attachment from 25MB to 100MB using your “attach large fill” app option.

Yahoomail.com is available in both mobile and desktop version where new users can sign up, and existing users with Yahoo Id can sign in with ease. The new yahoo mail app,(multitalented Yahoo mail app) enables users to subscribe to descriptive personalized news, receive email alert, get daily snapshot of the day’s weather, search, free email, news digest, sports, scores, manage email with 1  Terabyte capacity free space, inbox with stunny flickr theme, a well-organized folder for inbox, draft and sent mail, contact space, mail side bar and Bulk message space.

yahoomail.com app is available in IPhone, Ipad, Blackberry, android, windows, Symbian operating system and lot more. Simply download from various app stores available to your device. Then enter your yahoo mail Id. Upon successful sign in, you can now have access to read Your mails, send emails to both yahoomail.com accounts and other webmail domains.

Yahoo mail Login Problem

many subscribers complain of not having access to their yahoomail box after they have correctly entered their correct yahoomail.com Id. This issue has been a problem for some years. Non access to email might have its causes ranging from yahoo upgrade, network, improper entering of Yahoo Id, internet connection and more.

After the 2013 upgrade of yahoo mail facilities, many users worldwide complained of not having access to their mails. It was more security issue. Most times if you have opened your mail box through some mobile device mostly Opera mini, you are likely to be denied access to your yahoo mail when you try opening same mail through desktop until you log out from the mobile browser.


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