2 Types of celebrity lifestyle and its effects on you

celebrity lifestyle

celebrity lifestyle and its effects on you mostly Ladies

Everyone has someone you they look up to, and as such most times tries to copy the lifestyle and the behavior of these life influencers. Well I can say they are two,

(1) The entertainment Celebrities/Influencers

(2) The non-entertainment or normal influencers.

For the sake of what I want to discuss, I will take only the first one.

I wrote a post about why guys dump ladies after sleeping with them and I made mention of the way ladies go about copying the lifestyle of celebrities that they watch on screen without knowing that most of these celebrities are only trying to entertain them and as such have their own good and private lifestyle with which they relate with those around them. Now the problem is not people copying the celebrity lifestyle, the problem is allowing the celebrity life-style to copy the people’s life style. Here I have divided the type of life our world celebrity live into two and how one can go about relating the two to avoid being a victim of socio-moral decadence.

2 types of lifestyle of our celebrities and its effects on you

1: Celebrity lifestyle:

This is the type of life our influential entertainer show and display on screen.

For example 1, in the movies industry, Jet Li is always strong, tactical, flying and never dies in all his movies, now at the same time, the same Jet Li cannot fly when you ask him to do so in real life. Most kids will watch his movies and go home practicing how to fly, how to fight a hundred men without being beaten with a bare hands. Practically, that is very impossible in real life. No wonder why in wrestling (WWE, TNA, etc.) they will tell you “please don’t try this at home”

For example 2, In the Nollywood, Aki and Paw-paw are always brothers, trouble makers, Conny, disrespecting their elderly ones, masterminds of the problem that no one knows it’s coming from.

The truth here is that these two guys are only trying to entertain you when you are bored at home, office or when you are out for fun but at the same time most kids go about copying most of the bullshit these guys doing in the movies forgetting that those things are mere screen play done to make you smile when you watch them.

In the music industry, someone like Nicki Minaj will dress half naked, use all sorts of creepy words in her rap lyrics, Dress and appear on costly make up, Hairstyle, gown, trousers, etc. Now do you know it’s possible that Nicki might not be like that before her boyfriend/The people she respects? And at the same time, can breast feed her baby well when lactating but her fans will copy all her state/television lifestyle, live a fake life by wearing a borrowed attire, uncomfortable high heeled shoes, Bad make up combination and some ladies will go to the extent of putting on a fake and padded ass just to be and loom like Nicki Minaj.

You could imagine a local Nigerian girl that her father can barely afford to pay for her school fees after watching all these crap on TV screen will start sleeping around with men just to make some petty change called money to fake up her life in the name of appearing like her favourite celebrity (Nicki Minaj) and thereby chasing away all the good guys that will cross here path with her fake life.

Some ladies who has nothing dong for a living will be putting on a Brazilian hair that’s worth $1500 (300,000 Naira) on their head, carry $300 (60000 Naira) worth of hand bag with a shoe worth of $150 (30000 Naira) and will be begging for 100 Naira worth of MTN call card. Isn’t that bad? Stop trying you copy what you see those celebrities do on TV screen, They are all fake and fantasies and you will never know or believe what am saying until you go close or become friend(s) with one of them (The celebrities).

Another annoying bad influence of the celebrity lifestyle on our ladies is that they go about trying to apply most of those shit into their relationship and at the end go home heart broken and will conclude by saying this stupid phrase “all guys are the same”. Hope you have thought about your father and your brothers before saying that.


Dress and act according to your level and financial worth. Am not saying the broke ones should go about the street dressing in a way that everyone will know they don’t have because it can actually, make some people look down on you. It very good that a lady is not cheap and I recommend it to every girl reading this but please mind and watch your limit and don’t overdo. Be real and natural and good people will naturally be attracted to you.

2: Reality lifestyle

This is the real and natural life of our influential people both in the entertainment industry and other industries. So people appear good and live a life worth emulating when they are before the crowd but are worse than the devil you can imagine on having a close relationship them. You will see a good man and woman but Pride, stubborn and your flamboyant lifestyle will not let you copy anything good from such people. This is a life worth emulating.

The question now, Who and how do we really know the realistic lifestyle of theses top influencers ?

I don’t want to go into much talk here, so I will keep it short. The way is simple

1). Read about them: this include their biography, Career, lifestyle and their expected future.

2). Try to become friends with them, if you cannot, follow them on all their social media profiles.

3). In the case of not finding all the necessary information you need, ask questions. If the people around have no idea, try QUORA.COM with your questions.


If at the end of this, you can boldly stand anywhere and say something about the popular celebrity you have always watched on screen.

Now at this point, it try all you can on a daily basis to fake or copy the good ways of that celebrity and you will be surprise how you will drastically build such character into yourself.


Am Igwe Gudtalent Chrisent popularly known as GT. A Geologist, speaker and Motivator, small business and internet business developer and a graphics guru. I love living good, fun and helpful life. You can connect with me on twitter @gudtalent or Google

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