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All you need to know about, The best MLM to invest in 2016

You probably have heard about Internet network marketing before. well i don’t know whether if it helped you or not but, this time, E-Business network is for real and Currently, is offering the easiest, fastest and most importantly the best Compensation plan in the internet networking Industry.

NOTE: EBN is a multi level marketing company meaning  you must become a networker before you can make a dime with it.

Only members who have purchased EBN’S product packs can earn from other sources of income beyond the Fast Start Bonus commission.

About EBN (E-Business Network)

  • E-Business Network International (E-BN) is a Company that develops and sells its branded soft-wares and educational products that includes: interactive e-learning products in computer and internet education as well as internet business tutorial, e-Commerce platforms and communication products.
  • Incorporated in Hong-Kong with Business Registration Number Number
  • Managed by A group of MLM /Online Network Marketing entrepreneurs from across the globe with over 20 years combined experience in the industry.

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What E-Business Network has to offer you

Based on new technologies, E-BN has developed branded interactive educational products. They include:

1: Interactive Computer Fundamentals

2: The Internet and its tools

3: Global, home-based business phenomenon worth over 500 billion dollars a year

4: E-Commerce Websites

5: Easy Website Builder (a CMS platform)

6: Cheaper Communications

7: English Language Learning Portal

8: Global Job Opportunities for registered service providers.

Advantages of choosing E-Business network is that

1: Anyone from any country can use E.B.N’s Interactive Educational products at any time.

2: Anyone who would like to be Internet & Computer Literate can do that with ease as well as.

3: Anyone who is interested in saving their time and money

Why you need to Join E-BN

1: E.B.N fastest growing Company in the direct selling industry

2: It’ highly technologically driven unmatched

3: E-BN has E-Education products

4: It has got a Global Recognition, it’s globally accepted.

5: You get an opportunity to build a Global Business from home and earn massive income across the world.

6: Best and workable Compensation Plan for those who fail.

NOTE: Before you can join E B N, you must be referred by a customer. So for if you are joining E-BN from gtpedia, My Direct sponsor name is IGWE. Type it in the space that say who is your direct sponsor and click the submit button.

Customer Referral System

1: Customers use and recommend e-bn Products.

2: ‘word of mouth’ referral.

3: The Company Saves Money. (No offline Schools, No Middlemen, No Advertising).

4: Money Saved is PASSED To Customers as Commission.

How to make money through EBN network marketing

you must read this place carefully and don’t be in a hurry to bounce off.

The One-Time Independent Associate (IA) is a compulsory membership registration fee which costs $20.

The E-BN independent Associate (IA) cost of $20 will give anybody access to our replicated marketing website, real-time back office, real-time sales tracking, promotional materials and more. Most importantly Independent Associate allows everyone to Earn a Fast Start Bonus Commission on every Product packs Sold.

Just as earlier stated, you must have purchased at least one product pack from E-BN In order to earn from other sources of income beyond the Fast Start Bonus commission.

It therefore means that at the time of registration, somebody can purchase the independent associate (IA) for $20 only and much later come back to Purchase any of the products pack at his/her own timing. It also means that somebody can still purchase both the “IA” and any of the product packs at the same time.

Click here to Register now

Also, note that upgrades on the product packs can also be done at any time In which case, you simply pay the difference in prices. Also note that each upgrade will attract a certain BSV which must be added to the group Team Sales either to left or right.

List Of Product Packages on E-BN

Product Plans

There are 3 categories of products purchases on the Platform. Each Product package is allotted a certain Business Sales Volume (BSV). They are:

  • Newbie Pack – $70 Assigned BSV: 35
  • Advanced Pack – $170 Assigned BSV: 75
  • Pro Pack – $345 Assigned BSV: 105

Note: All packs are inclusive of $20 Independent Associate (IA)

To Upgrade Your Product Packs in E-BN, Simply pay only the difference between the new product and current product pack

  • Newbie To Advance –   $100 Assigned BSV: 15
  • Advance To Pro-Pack-   $175   Assigned BSV: 20
  • Newbie To Pro-Pack –   $275 Assigned BSV: 40

     Monthly Maintenance-$25     Assigned BSV: 5

3 Levels Deep Fast Start Bonus

For Newbie Pack E-BN System pays you:

  • $3 on level 1 Newbie Direct Sales
  • $1 on level 2 Newbie indirect Sales
  • $1 on level 3 Newbie indirect Sales

For Advanced Pack E-BN System pays you:

  • $5 on level 1 Advanced Direct Sales
  • $3 on level 2 Advanced indirect Sales
  • $2 on level 3 Advanced indirect Sales

For Pro Pack E-BN System pays you:

  • $12 on level 1 Pro Direct Sales
  • $5 on level 2 Pro indirect Sales
  • $3 on level 3 Pro indirect Sales

To Ensure that you do not lose out on the upgrades of your members from one product pack to another, we have also added an upgrade commissions.

See the Images following

From Newbie to Advance, You Receive: newbie

  • $2 on level 1 Pro Direct Sales
  • $1 on level 2 Pro indirect Sales
  • $1 on level 3 Pro indirect Sales

From Advance to Pro-Pack, You Receive: advance

  • $3 on level 1 Pro Direct Sales
  • $2 on level 2 Pro indirect Sales
  • $1 on level 3 Pro indirect Sales

From Newbie to Pro-Pack, You Receive: newbie to pro

  • $6 on level 1 Pro Direct Sales
  • $3 on level 2 Pro indirect Sales
  • $2 on level 3 Pro indirect Sales

The Binary Pair of making huge money from E-BN

To be qualified to earn on E-Business network Binary orbit or Team Sales, You must:

  • Become an E-BN Independent Associate ( IA )
  • Purchase any of the 3 Categories of Products Packs
  • Make a minimum of 2 Sales of any Pack with a Business Sales Volume (BSV) to the Left and another Business Sales Volume (BSV) to the Right.
  • Remain Active by paying a monthly $25 Maintenance Fee
  • To Earn an Income on the Binary, Simply either by yourself or with your entire Team produce a minimum 100 BSV to the left and another 100 BSV to the Right.
  • So, every time you have an accumulation of 100 BSV to left and 100 BSV to right, you earn the sum of $50.

RIGHT 100 BSV : LEFT 100 BSV = 1 Pair = $50

Binary pair binary pair2 binary pair 3

NOTE: Depending on the strength of your team getting more people into the network, you can earn up $200 to $1000 on daily basis. And guess what? Any BSV that is not up-to 100 at the end of your daily withdrawal will automatically be carried over to the next day’s BSV and counting continues from there.

The Capping

Depending on your Products pack purchased type, maximum earnings permitted from the Binary orbit pair or Team Sales are capped as:

NEWBIE 4 $50 $200 $6000
ADVANCE 10 $50 $500 $15000
PRO 20 $50 $1000 $30000


Are you ready to join E-Business network now?

Are You Ready To Make Money and Gain Your Financial Freedom now?

  • Then Join E-Business network now that the game is still fresh and become a boss of your own. Don’t delay for anything because it a has a first to make the move advantage.

Click the link above to get going or Click here to join.


Am Igwe Gudtalent Chrisent popularly known as GT. A Geologist, speaker and Motivator, small business and internet business developer and a graphics guru. I love living good, fun and helpful life. You can connect with me on twitter @gudtalent or Google

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    • Its very real. I’ve personally earned money through EBN. to prove this, i will write how to set up an account with ebn without E-wallet where i will also show everyone my earnings from ebn.

  1. Good day,
    I attended a seminar on EBN at Nsukka in Enugu state and I already have a group of people that I want to introduce EBN to, but the problem is I live in Lagos and as a new member I haven’t earned anything. The people I will be marketing to would want proof of not just commission displayed on webpages but bank alert on my phone as a proof. I believe you have the proof, so I wonder if it would be possible to have anyone from your team who would provide the proof to the attendees during the seminar in Lagos, because those that introduced EBN to me reside in Nsukka.

    • Hi Chekwube,
      Having a proof is another major factor in EBN. As for getting the proof from anyone in my team, You ill need to come to Ebonyi state or Enugu, reasons being that that is where my team members are located

  2. Cranky_saint

    So what u guys ar saying is if i register nd invest my cash in this but fail to register people under me, then i dnt make a dime?

    • Hello Cranky, Thanks for stopping by.

      If your unable to get referrals, then you wont make money through the Networking aspect of EBN. You can use the product like website builder and if you’re good at making money through websites, its another gold mine so please the networking aspect of EBN is not just the only way to make money through EBN.

      You can call +2347037281050 if you have any urgent question about this.

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