Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review for Nigerians

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review for Nigerians – Better than Iphone 6

Samsung have released another flagship device that is rated by many watchers to be better in specifications and functions than its rival Apple Iphone 6. The new phone is named Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and it is will be available in the United State as from, 21st August 2015 but fans in the United Kingdom must wait till September 4. Samsung Fans in Africa will be able to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ device once the American and European launch are over.

It’s certainly not cheap though, with the entry level 32GB model rocking a wallet trembling SIM-free price tag of around £700 (around $1030, AU$1320).

If you fancy 64GB or even 128GB of internal storage you’re looking at approximately £749 (around $1120, AU$1430) and £829 (around $1180, AU$1500) respectively.

Shop around though and you’ll be able to find it a little cheaper than Samsung’s official site with the 64GB model available for around £635, $915 (about AU$1290) off contract.

But as of today being  25th August, the phone is selling at $639.98

That makes the Galaxy S6 Edge more expensive than the iPhone 6 Plus, Danm it! that quit costly bro.

Samsung has announced some bad sales figures for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge with news of both phones getting a “price adjustment.” We take that to mean the handsets are going to be dropped in price a little but there’s no news on when it’ll actually happen.

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Meanwhile you can buy the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge here.


Galaxy S6 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is very close in term of specification to the Samsung Note 5.  The new phone comes with a 5.7 Inches Display, 518ppi and Quad HD resolution (nothing better for now). Other key features are:

Operating System: Android 5.1 Lollipop

Processor: Exynos 7420 (Octa Core)

Storage: 32GB or 64GB


Camera: 16Mp Rear with 5Mp Front

Battery: 3000mAh with wireless charging capability

802.11ac Wi-Fi

Bluetooth 4.2 ANT+, NFC, GPS

Sensors: Fingerprint, Heart-rate, Barometer, Compass, Accelerometer, Proximity

Weight: 153g

Other standard android features are included.



Samsung galaxy S6E edge

Samsung didn’t disappoint with be specifications just as expected by everyone. Lets us squeeze the juice further by looking at what is good and what is bad about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ phone. The phone does not have an external media card slot. If you are planning to hold lots of file on your smart phone, then buy the 64GB version (Iphones now come with internal memory up to 128GB). The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ phone battery is of a bigger capacity than that of the note 5 and it is also non removable. Non removable batteries are becoming quite popular now with phablets.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ phone does not have a stylus to operate it just like every other Samsung Galaxy phones (only Samsung Note phones are shipped with stylus).  With the Edge+ you get the trendy curved screen edges.

The new phone will support Samsung Pay. This will give user the ability to walk into stores and pay for products with their phones.

Another very good feature is called SideSync. This is the software which runs on Windows and Macintosh and gives you the capability to transfer files wirelessly between your Samsung Galaxy Edge+ and your computer system. This feature works just like Apple’s Continuity, allowing you to transfer phone calls to your personal computer and play Android games on it too.

Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE Review: Verdict

Samsung galaxy s6 edge

Design. Power. Performance. Imaging. Connectivity. Features –– the Galaxy S6 EDGE, like its EDGE-less brother, has them all to the max. No other handset we’ve tested this year feels quite so well realized as this pair from Samsung.

The LG G4 was a fine setup and, to a certain extent certainly equal to the Galaxy S6 EDGE in some respects, but where the G4 loses some points for its rather clunky design, the Galaxy S6 EDGE rages on with its unique and HUGELY satisfying design, which not only sets it apart from every other phone on the market, but also brings with it a bunch of useful features that some people might really enjoy.

If I had to choose between the two, I’d almost certainly go for the EDGE. I prefer the way it looks and when you’re talking about phones, when features and specs are the same, this is all that matters.

guess am dome with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review for Nigerians, Kindly drop your comments.

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