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Overview Of Nairaland Forum

Nairaland is a Nigerian based online forum which serves as the largest local  forum in Nigerian. It cover several topics. One thing good about nairaland is that its registered users can update their own status on their timeline and people can comment just like Facebook.

It has grown so large that it’s now independent from Google Adsense for its earning.

That means nairaland does not run Google AdSense due to it violates Google Adsense terms and conditions.

Hence it runs its own independent Ads called Nairaland Ads with which users can now advertise to their targeted clients. Most of the latest information about matters arising in Nigeria and other countries are gotten or first updated in nairaland forum. Hence you can get updates on Politics, Love and romance, Jobs/Vacancies, Business and career, Education, Auto mobile, Properties, Health, Travel, Religion, Food, Science and Technology, Entertainment and gossip, Tutorials etc. To visit nairaland forum click here nairaland

Member online and guest are displayed on the homepage of nairaland website as well as birthday of the various registered user.

Currently, Nairaland has over 1.3 million registered users with over 1.9 million topics.

NOTE: Every Nairaland Forum member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland.

MUST GET NOW: Create and sign in into yahoomail account.



1: To sign up for a free Nairaland account visit or click here

For a direct sign up page.

2: From the homepage, click on Join nairaland and it takes you to the email page

3: enter your valid email address on the place show “enter your email address”

Once you enter you email address, you will see “Please check your E-mail”

NOTE: if you cannot find the mail in your inbox, check your spam folder

4: Log into your email address, open the link that is sent you to complete registration

5: from the redirect page of account completion set up, enter your desired USERNAME and PASSWORD

To get started.


Once your account set up have been completed, to edit your nairaland account, click on EDIT PROFILE located at the right top and make the necessary changes as desired and click UPDATE PROFILE.


nairaland ads

nairaland ads

Just as I said before, Nairaland runs a Targeted Ad Platform with which any Nairaland member can place adverts on the sections of Nairaland where the people he/she wants to reach are most likely to be found (for example, a political party could place ads on the politics section with it).

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To place ads on Nairaland, follow these steps

Before you go further into knowing the steps on how to get ads on Nairaland, Just know that Nairaland charges for approximate value delivered. This is highly correlated with traffic on the short run. So when there’s less traffic, you pay less, and when you’re charged more, it will most likely be due to an increase in traffic. However, on the long run, that’s not the only factor Nairaland will consider. Nairaland have developed a robust pricing algorithm to make sure that you will always get what you pay for.

Steps Involved

STEP 1: get your ad banner designed by a good graphic designer.

(CALL US ON +2347037281050 OR PING 24CB659C FOR YOUR PROFFESSIONAL GRAPHICS DESIGN OF ALL TYPES) Location is not a problem. All you have to do is send us your payment details to 07037281050 after paying a token of #1500

Your ad banner must be borderless, 318 pixels wide, 106 pixels tall, less than 30kb in size, and in the PNG or JPG format. Get it ready.

STEP 2: go to and click (Upload Ad) to upload your banner ad and landing page, and wait for approval.

NOTE: Your ad might not be approved if it’s deceptive or illegal or morally questionable in some way.

After your ad is approved, you will be provided with information about how to purchase advertising credits so you can freely place your ads on any section of Nairaland including the home page without any restriction at all.

Ads that are not accepted on Nairaland Forum

1: Nairaland rejects ads that are considered to be ethically or morally questionable in one way or the other.

2: Nairaland rejects ads for HYIPs and most MLMs because they are fundamentally unsustainable.

3: The ad will be rejected if it’s for health remedies that make claims that have not been verified by NAFDAC because they don’t work as advertised.

4: Online Betting and Forex Trading ads will not be approved for not moral reasons but because it does know that most people who patronize these business expect to make money, but the vast majority of them will lose money while doing the Business.

5: Nairaland also reject some mailing list building ads because nairaland don’t want its members to be spammed in any way.

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