How to Upload a Video to YouTube from your Mobile Phone

how to upload a video

How to Upload  a Video

If you have been looking for a means to upload your wonderful videos to YouTube platform then this is an opportunity to grab and gets started by following carefully these steps, which are as follows:

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  1. Record the video or Open the already made video you want to upload on your mobile device using your device player.
  2. Click on the share button on your mobile device, which may be located up, down or side of your device depending your kind of phone. For iOS 7, the share button is located at the bottom-left corner of the video player or you may have to click on the menu for it to come out. Nevertheless, for Android devices their share button are located on the video player or you can as well click on the menu for it to display.
  3. Choose YouTube from the share menu because numerous sharing options will be out for you to select so tapping the YouTube option will enable you upload directly to YouTube. However, you have to sign in to continue.
  4. Name your video by giving it a title that is attractive and viable of catching someone’s attention to be able to click to watch your video.
  5. Add a description of the video you are uploading to enable your viewers to read while they are watching your video. When you provide an accurate description, YouTube will help you keep your video in relevant searches.
  6. Tag your video to enable it appear in the other viewer searches. Tags are very important because phrases people type when searching will help them find your video on YouTube only if you use a good tag that describes your video. So think about what viewers can search related to your video and add it o your tags.
  7. Choose your privacy settings whether to have your video uploaded privately, publicly or unlisted. If you choose private upload, it means only you and the channel you have allowed to view the video can only view your video. When you select Public video it means your video can be viewed by anyone. Then lastly if you select unlisted it means that your videos can only be viewed by people who has the link to the video.
  8. Click the publish button or upload button once you are done with your description and privacy setting. When you click on upload button, the video will upload to your YouTube channel directly.

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