How to Receive a Gmail phone calls on Gmail

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        Gmail phone 

 We recently talked about how to make calls with your Gmail account, and now it is possible you can also receive Gmail phone calls if you have a Google voice account. That is to say that If you already have a Google Voice account, you are still going to use the same username as the Gmail account you wish to receive calls in. If you are not conversant with using Google Voice, you can as well upgrade for free only if you are in the United States.

Receiving a  Gmail phone calls in Gmail and how it works:

  1. Make at least one outbound call  from Gmail.
  2. Navigate to Settings under the gear icon. In Google Voice.
  3. Click the check box next to Google Chat  In the Phones tab

In case you might want to edit the settings for this forwarding phone, you will need to   click on the Edit button.

If you want to disable Gmail as a forwarding phone, you can do that by unchecking the box next to Google Chat.

Whenever you receive a call in Gmail, a call window will display with a ringtone. And If you didn’t hear a ringtone, you will simply please check to make sure your sound is not muted.

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To accept the call, simply press the Answer button.

To ignore a call simply click on the Ignore button.

Only Users in United States can upgrade to a full Google Voice account and also can receive phone calls in Gmail.

Call screening

It is very possible to screen all calls you receive in Gmail and you can do so by simply clicking on the screen button.  By doing so, it will definitely allow you to listen to the caller as they leave you a voicemail. And If you do want to interrupt and actually answer the call, then you simply need to click the Answer button.

Switching phones

Furthermore, when you are on a call you can as well switch the Google Voice forwarding phone you are making call with in the middle of the call by simply pressing the * key. For instance, if you are receiving your call in Gmail and you wish to switch to your personal cellular forwarding number, when you press * it will make your cellular forwarding phone to ring for you to complete the call.

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