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How to create PayPal Account

PayPal is safer, faster, and well documented means of making online transaction, both making payment and receiving payment at local and international standard. is at the forefront of the digital payment era. Currently, PayPal serves over 220 million active accounts and completes more than 9 million payments daily. Waoo that is a very big transaction.

So are u out there and you are yet to get yourself a paypal account? Hurry now and get one for yourself with this guide on How to create PayPal Account.

Before you read down, Know this summary gotten from Wikipedia (August 2015)

TYPE Public
FOUNDED Palo Alto, California (June 1998)
HEADQUARTERS San Jose, California, United states
FOUNDERS Elon Musk, Luke Nosek, Ken Howery, Max Levchin, Peter Thiel
CHAIRMAN John Donahoe
CEO Dan Schulman
REVENUE US $8.03billion as of 2014
SUBSIDIARIES Braintree, Paydiant, Venmo
WRITTEN IN C++, JavaScript
ALEXA RANK 40 (June 2015)


Before we get started, I will like to let u know that with paypal credit card, you are assured of prompt and almost instantaneous business transaction, fast and safe way to pay or get paid.  Paypal operates in 203 countries worldwide. had become and maintained the lead as defacto online currency. Even with Alternative online currency on online payment from Google (Google wallet), could not take paypal out of its kingship position. is widely regarded as stand-alone in mobile payment processor.

IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE: Create your Yahoo mail Address here

How to create PayPal Account in few minutes.


You need to go right away and set up your paypal account if you must enjoy the benefits of using PayPal

STEP 1:  visit paypal web homepage or click the direct link

On the paypal registration page, click sign up, select personal account if you want a personal account or business/premier account.

STEP 2:  Select your country (it must be your native country where you live)

Example: shown in the picture below

STEP 3: expects you to complete your registration form were you will be expected provide the following information:

Choose your account type (business or personal account)

Email address


First name, middle and last name

Birthday (Day, month, year)


Residencial address

Zip code or City/state  where you live

Phone number

STEP 4:   Then, you are expected to hit the paypal Sign up button.

After you have completed your paypal registration or paypal sign up process, you are now a legitimate paypal member. You are entitled to one personal and one business account. And both accounts require different unique emails addresses and bank accounts.

Paypal account is free, but there are other accounts under Premium account service that cost some few dollars to maintain.

With Paypal you can reach your desired transaction reach. Online shoppers expect easy, fast and flexible buying experience and that is what stands for. With paypal account you are sure you are on your way to exceed their expectation in other to convert browsers to buyers.


Paypal Log in, Paypal Sign in

Paypal login gives you access into the wonderful world of Once you’ve successfully logged in your account, you can now:


Send and receive money,

Accept payal credit and debit card and bank account payment.

Paypal login will enable you to use paypal as shopping cart all for free.

Buy thing on merchant websites and EBay

You can as well send money to your loved ones and friends through email using your paypal account

Paypal Login problems, Paypal Login problem 2014


Paypal login problems may arise when the normal procedure is not followed. In this tutorial, we will help you resolve issues ranging from paypal signature confirmation, paypal password problems and lot more. For more details on how to resolve paypal password problem follow this link

Paypal Customer Care, Paypal Phone Number.

Paypal customer service responds to any issue you are having as concern the terms and services of paypal. You are expected to choose from the option of “call or email paypal”. Also you are expected to login or become a member before you can have access to services. When you contact the customer care, you will be asked on phone about the one-time passcode. This identifies you as a account holder. So it will take you to login (to those that have access to login in). You will need to login first before you can get the one-time passcode

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