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About the Aetna


Aetna is the first national full-service health insurer and has been on top of all the health care benefits company. It has created easy understanding information to its members which will help each and every one of them to plan their financial well-being and manage their health. In 1850 Aetna insurance Company started selling life insurance and was approved in 1865 to do business in New York and Massachusetts. And then in 1911 the company began its first national advertising campaign.


About Aetna individual health insurance


Aetna has millions of members they render individual health insurance to. This covers members, people that are married, young adults and retired etc. This is where you can be provided the best services you can enjoy at low rate but best quality you can ever imagine.  You are still under protection even when you travel. These are the leading care benefits Aetna covers:

  1. Behavioural health
  2. Medical
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Dental
  5. Group life
  6. Disability plans
  7. Medical management


Aetna health insurance has large coverage, there are many options for you at affordable price. And you can as well have the opportunity to enjoy tax advantages .price is affordable and there are many choices for you. Also, you can enjoy tax advantages.

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How you can buy Aetna individual health insurance


These are requirements before you begin:


  1. A computer with a good internet access.
  2. Date of birth
  3. Social security Number
  4. Height and weight
  5. Current/ past health insurance plans
  6. Medical history (diagnosis, treatment, dates of service, status)
  7. Contact information for doctors (primary care and specialists).
  8. Prescription drug information (name, dose, date prescribed)

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How to Buy Aetna Health Insurance at

  1. Long onto
  2. Go to the box  marked “Get A Quote” and click on it
  3.  You have to enter your ZIP code and then select a coverage date.
  4.  Then you can now Apply for  a health insurance by giving out information such as Date of birth, Social Security Number, Prescription drug information (name, dose, date prescribed) and Contact information for doctors (primary care and specialists). Height/weight, Current/past health insurance plans, Medical history (diagnosis, treatment, dates of service, status)
  5. Submit the application form with your first month of coverage payment and hold on for the confirmation and approval which will not take more than 5 to 15 days.

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Aetna health insurance delivers best quality service with an affordable price so get ready to enjoy these services if you want to buy.

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