Google Company and Facebook are working together to build a super high-speed cable

Google company

   Google Company and Facebook

Facebook and Google company are recently collaborating on a project in-between United state of American  and China .The  two decided to work together to lay a nearly 8,000-mile cable between Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

It is going to be constructed with an Optical-Fiber-Cable which comprise a bandwidth of 120 terabits per second, in which Google says makes it the highest-capacity route between the US and Asia. It’ll double the current record, which is held by a cable that Google is also a partner on.

According to the Verge,  it is said that the new cable will allow Google and Facebook to deliver a faster and more reliable service to visitors on the other side of the Pacific. The companies will likely each get a certain chunk of the cable’s total capacity and lease out the remaining space to others; but so far, they  specifics is yet to be announced.

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The cables are probably going to be passed undersea  and these undersea cables are increasingly being built in partnership with  most  popular  and competent big tech companies as those big tech companies come to represent more and more of the internet’s traffic. Facebook and Google both have plenty of data to send just between their own servers, so there’s reason they’d want to have a stake in the connections, rather than being forced to lease everything they need.

For example, Facebook recently partnered with Microsoft to build an even faster cable across the Atlantic. While  Google, counts this  as the sixth cable it’s taken an ownership stake in.

This  cable project will be called the Pacific Light Cable Network and  which we assume   and believe it will be fully completed and also will start running by the year  2018.

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