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Business Plan at Affordable Price

We have been writing business plans for companies for over 5 years now before we created our online presence and have come up with the basic tools which you have to provide us with to be able to write a hard to ignore business plan for your company or establishment. These are some prerequisite needed to prepare a business plan and feasibility study for you.

Before we tell you all the Requirements needed for a Business Plan at Affordable Price, I Need to tell you

Why You Need a Business Plan for Your Business

1: To get the general overview of your business

2: To have a written note on what and how your business is going to look like.

3: To know the financial implication of starting your business both at the short and long term

4: Get the best and worst market review of the business you have.

5: Do a proper SWOT and documented business from the scratch.

6: Know the possible offer and how you can survive with your business when things out negative.

7: get any interested investor or partner to contribute/partner or invest in your business.

8: Business plan is like the architectural design of your business.

With these 8 points, you will be able to know whether the business you are doing or plan doing is going to be a success if you follow the rules and regulation in your business plan.

Requirement and tools needed for your perfect business plan

  1. Your full name and your company name
  2. Address (location of the company)
  3. The banks name for a loan (if needed – this is optional)
  4. Address of the bank (if needed)
  5. The land size / space (e.g 100×50) or workshop/office space (if available)
  6. The address of the land/workshop/office
  7. Company Subsidiaries (if any)
  8. The materials and/or working tools you have (for existing business only)
  9. The tools you specially need that you don’t have (for new business only)
  10. The type of production, sales or business you deal on
  11. The kind of services/repair/maintenance you specialize on
  12. How many staffs/trainees you have (for existing business only)
  13. The years of experience you have for that business (if any).
  14. How much you need from the bank as loan or from YouWin (How much do you wish to borrow?)
  15. What is your capital investment at hand (amount at hand)
  16. Do you have an idea about the business you want to invest in? (if any then specify)
  17. Others; please specify

Prices for our Business Plan/feasibility studies

The price below is applicable to Businesses Plan Capital within #1 – #10,000,000 or ($66,000)

Business Template = #15,000 or $100 (Any Small Scale Business: Popcorn, Beads, Cyber café, etc.)

Business Template = #25,000 or $167 (Any Large Scale Business: Agriculture)

Feasibility Study    = #20,000 or $135 (Recharge Card Printing business)

Feasibility Study    = #30,000 or $200 (Farming; Poultry, Fishery, Piggery etc)

Feasibility Study    = #30,000 or $200 (Palm Oil Mill / Nut Cracking)

Feasibility Study    = #30,000 or $200 (Cosmetics / Soap Production)

Feasibility Study    = #30,000 or $200 (Hospital / Pharmacy)

Feasibility Study    = #20,000 or $135 (Pure water business)

Feasibility Study    = #20,000 or $135 (Nylon production)

Feasibility Study    = #100,000 or $690 (Oil industry)

Production industries    = Negotiable

Others industries    =  Negotiable

Businesses Plan Capital more than #10,000,000 or ($66,000) will cost $1,500



***Procedure for Payment and our Service Delivery***

To serve you better, we have provided several methods of payment to enable our customers from different parts of world patronize us. They are:

Bank Deposit (for customers in Nigeria only)

Western Union (for customers in any other part of the world)

*******PayPal – This would soon be added*************

For those doubting our existence and location, you can come to our office

No 4 Amasiri Street off Afikpo road Abakaliki, Ebonyi state. (Second Floor)

Mobile Number: +2347037281050




Account No: 0021767576




Account No: 3095108390




Confirm your payment and pay

Contact us via mail or Phone before payment

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After payment, send your payment details (Payee name, telephone number, teller no and email address) to our email; or phone number +2347037281050 for verification. (please specify the level of the work [e.g. Business Plan and Feasibility Study type – palm oil business, poultry business, clothing and textile production, web based business, recharge card business, crude oil production, cassava production, fishery, etc.].


We will confirm your payment within 24hours


writhing a professional  Business Plan at Affordable Price is an offer you cant afford to miss. We will write and send you or your company the completed and well detailed business plan and feasibility study (in PDF format) in 3working days after confirmation of your payment. You will get an extra already written and related materials and feasibility study for your business plan, seminar and project work etc on your topic plus other very useful PDF & DOC files on other articles, journals, proposals, references etc about feasibility study to guide you through your this business or work or production process. You wouldn’t need to stress yourself again. All you need do is print it and your feasibility study is ready


We are not spammers and We don’t do Fraud, we have built a good business reputation over the years and wouldn’t want to damage it over some little amount of money

We work from Mondays to Fridays (8am-4pm) and we have gathered thousands of materials from different sources both local and international.

We keep our word to the later & deliver our products and services (i.e Material to the specified topic you sent us) in a good & tested working condition.


We would return your payment with 48hrs ONLY if you can prove with concrete reasons that the business plan and feasibility study materials we sent you are not relevant/elaborate enough on the type of business type or topic you sent to us.

We are specialists in preparing feasibility studies/proposals and we know what to deliver to you for your business to survive once you venture into it, so feel free to make us your consultants and we will render our services in a professional level. Patronize us today and ease yourself from stress of your bankers/business plan and feasibility study/supervisor/lecturers

Your success in your business is our optimum desire and WE DON’T DO FRAUD; we deliver for the services you pay for. We want to serve you better and hope to hear from you soon.

Once again, thanks for your interest, we expect your patronage as we write a Business Plan at Affordable Price you.


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Phone No.: +2347037281050


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