List of 10 African self made billionaires You Never knew about

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African self made billionaires

List of African self made billionaires

A lot of people are born rich with enormous trust funds and massive investments and inheritance already handed down to them by related predecessors. On the other hand, just a handful of Africans have been successful in meeting the odds and truly finding out the secret behind getting rich beyond reach. These people are the people we conceptualized as the “self-made African billionaires”. They have gone through the rough path of success and have come out unscathed though they have their various stories of ups and downs, areas of untold hardships and areas of unexpected breakthroughs. Hopefully, you’ll find this list both interesting and informative. There are a few upcoming African multi millionaires in USD worth mentioning that have made billions in their local currencies that are included in this list. Have your fill and satisfy your curiosity dear readers.



At his revelation as the youngest African self made billionaires by an African Business Newspaper, the 31-year old Ashish Thakkar was calm and calculated he had very little to say. He said, “When you resolve to start doing something from nothing, it builds up your confidence”. Ashish life started in UK when he was born to an Indian family that later relocated to Uganda and later moved to Rwanda where they began a business. He learnt a lot from the failures and successes of his parents. This young self-made billionaire is really an interesting character. He dropped school at the tender age of 15 and began dealing computer hardware from Dubai to Uganda. This helped him to secure national and international entrepreneurial information and experience which he later built up keenly and awarded himself the title “Youngest African Billionaire’’. Ashish J. Thakkar is worth of over $250 million, or R2.2 billion, making him a billionaire by South African Rand values today.


Mohammed Al Amoudi

Ethiopian Al Amoudi has gone through both recessions and good economic times to become a business mastermind and tycoon. However, his wealth has been growing exponentially despite challenging economic meltdowns and is currently one of Africa’s richest billionaires. Mohammed Al Amoudi tool roots from a humble background, he has risen through the ranks and has come out tops despite all circumstances. He is currently worth 10 billion dollars and has a high tendency to expand.

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Patrick Shoo-Shiong is a South-African and has a degree in Bachelor of Science and he has pursued it to secure an awarding medical career. He specializes purely in generic drugs. Shoo-Shiong has enjoyed a great fortune and wealth and at the age of 58, his wealth has accumulated to a massive net worth of 9 billion dollars according to Forbes.



Chris Kirubi hails from Kenya. He is a Kenyan entrepreneur, businessman and industrialist who owns some companies and is recently a major shareholder of CIC (Centrum Investment Company). He has a series of great media exposure such as Africa’s 100th Most Influential Personalities (News African Magazine), 20th Most Powerful People in African Business (Forbes) and Life Journeys Scaling Heights, Kirubi is a highly celebrated and revered African billionaire with more than Kshs. 15 billion wealth.



Nassef Sawiris is born to an Egyptian family. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction and Management. This has given him utmost impetus, courage and experience to venture into the highly regulated and competitive real estate and construction industry thereby amassing for himself a $5.9 billion fortune. And at only 48, He is projected to become arguably the Africa’s richest billionaire by 2019 if he continues in this direction and in doing things rightly.


Mike Adenuga

Mike Adenuga has been an exceptional Nigerian in the banking and finance business who has taken advantage of his country’s oil glory to make for him a share of success. He has outstanding investment plans and deals, both oil and finance-based as well Telecom. Mike Adenuga currently is the Chairman and CEO of Globacom, A multinational telecom company. He currently enjoys a 4.7-billion USD net worth. This make Adenuga the second richest man in Nigeria, 5th richest man in Africa and 248th richest person in the world. He is really in a class of his own.


top richest people in Nigeria

Aliko Dangote is another self-made African rich man of Nigerian origin. He is multifaceted in that he has sourced wealth across all channels and prospects. His business endeavors Ranges from flouring to cementing to transportation and other issues of little and massive importance. Aliko Dangote has intertwined efforts and a bit of luck in riding to the top. He now enjoys a booming reputation of top African-rich billionaires and is worth about 19 billion dollars fortune. However, a recent report from Financial Times placed him at $22 billion.



Isabela Dos Santos graduated from Queens University and is widely regarded as one of Africa’s most celebrated female billionaires. At only 24 Isabela who was also a nationalist in Angola began her first restaurant business and named it Miami Beach. Isabela’s source of wealth is actually unclear but according to Peter Lewis, a professor at John Hopkins explains “It is unclear through documented work that the President’s Inner Circle and Angola’s Ruling Party have lots of business interests. The corporate governance and source of funds are very murky and there you have it the pretty lady, interesting family and billions and billions of murky bucks”. This if substantiated means the government played a great role in the making of Isabela and her billions.



Nicky Oppenheimer is from South Africa and is the richest self-made South African and ranks 139th richest person in the world. He did get to that point in a blink of eye. He has a significant interest in Anglo-American Plc the leading Diamond Co. and is the CEO of De Beers Diamonds. To add a feather to these hats, he owns and controls the largest game reserve in the country. He is indeed a business magnet. He is current worth is $6.8 billion.



Dr. Evans Kidero has a very humble beginning. He was born to a policeman in Kenya’s majengo slums. Dr Evans is currently the man at the helm of Kenya’s capital city. The Governor had a challenging start, a lot of ups and downs in life. He however, successfully beat the odds to secure a degree in pharmacy at Kenya’s most highly rated and celebrated higher learning institution, University of Nairobi. Currently, Dr. Evans is a stand-alone investor in many multi-billionaire companies having served top jobs in Government and non-government institutions. His current wealth has accumulated to Kshs. 3 billion.


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