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gtpedia.com is an internet based information and Research, Business, Technology, Relationship and Biography  website. We are part of GT Group, an Agro-based, Business development, Entertainment and Tourism, Building materials, Branding and Publishing company that is making effort to create value on the to the lives of it’s consumers/clients.

we provide you with information on business ideas and entrepreneurship, Business Plans and feasibility studies, Technology and review, Relationship, Work/Job Tips, Educative Articles and more.

Our Mission is: Understanding people’s needs and creating useful content, community and experiences based upon meeting those needs and making it free and accessible where possible.

gtpedia being a self driven information and research, mentorship and advice company aimed at taken out poverty of of the society by helping people to create jobs, Solve Relationship Related issues, etc as well as the biography of the important people who have lived a good and exemplary life in related areas.

we encourage and teach youths on how they can be productive especially in areas where there is problem.

people who constantly visit our blog or subscribe to our daily post always get the best information in different areas of life.

we are into public speaking, writing business plans and proposals both companies and personal use, development of business ideas, graphics design and general printing.

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